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- Madison Shay Schirripa   -   

"Probably the best massage I've ever gotten. It was perfect. When it was over I was so relaxed I had no idea where I was. All my problems melted away. If you are in the area you must go see him. Truly blessed to have someone of this magnitude in this area. Plus the room is incredible."

- Cathy Levy   -   

"This past Thursday I went (at age 64) to see Adam at The L Salon in New Paltz for my very first massage. No words can adequately describe how absolutely incredible the experience was. Adam is an artist and most certainly has the gift of healing hands. I left there feeling more relaxed than I thought possible. Since then I have slept pain free for the first time in years.
If you plan on getting a massage go see Adam. You won’t regret it....he’s wonderful!"


 - Malinda DeMercurio   -   

"I didn't quite know what to expect when I booked a 2 hr massage with Adam but wow, was I blown away! I understand why his business is called Masterpiece Massage. Everything from the friendly greeting to the treatment room to the massage itself is beautifully orchestrated to create a work of art in therapeutic relaxation. Adam knew instinctively exactly how to navigate between deep and light pressure, broad strokes and when to pin point areas of tension. His use of essential oils, CBD oil, and binaural music transports you to another dimension where deep healing can occur. Utilizing his own unique style of massage, he was able to open up areas of my neck and break up adhesion from a car accident many years ago. I walked out feeling relaxed, balanced, and like my whole body structure had been reset. Being an acupuncturist I know about the mechanisms and functions of the body quite well and can attest that Adam does too. His ability in combining his knowledge with intuition and energy training equals nothing short of a masterpiece. Don't wait, book your session today! You'll be happy you did."


Katie -

"Adam goes above and beyond your typical massage. It is an experience that will leave you wondering in which dimension you left your pain in. HIGHLY recommend for people with chronic pain, knots, or people just wanting the ultimate relaxation. Wow... 🙌 !"


Francis Charles -

"Adam is a master in his craft. Today was my first two hours of pure relaxation, pampering and healing session with Adam. Using fluid techniques combined with perfect music and top quality essential oils, hot stones within a magnificent spa setting far better than any top spas. Adam was very attentive to my request!
I already booked my second appointment in two weeks and looking so forward to it! Thanks Adam!"


-Laura F -

"Upon walking in, the room was very inviting. A corner fireplace with lit candles surrounded the room in comfort. The binaural sound of music was beautiful. I instantly felt calm and at ease. The technique of massage mixes traditional with energy and is tailored to your needs. It’s very unique and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I highly recommend!"

Lauren Fornabaio -

"Amazing massage I was nervous because I've never been massaged by a male before but he made me feel very comfortable and I even booked another one! I'd definitely recommend."


 - Abby Paul -

"Adam took time to understand my unique needs and I felt completely comfortable and relaxed in his space. At the beginning he told me my only job was to relax and I did just that. Will definitely return."   

- Tracy McKay-   

"So awesome!! I was planning for an hour and decided to upgrade to an hour and a half....great decision!!! I felt so relaxed and it was exactly what I needed. Adam presents the utmost professionalism and is a master of his craft. I highly recommend!!"


Louice Torres -



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